He thought he had the flu

James Mackey visited his doctor after feeling unwell for a few days, only to learn that he had the flu. Unfortunately, he also had his feet and a portion of his leg removed in addition to this other condition.

Mackey is now looking for assistance to help him stand up and continue playing with his children.

Severe disease sepsis can quickly result in organ failure and death. Mr. Mackey was fortunate that his specialist saw the warning symptoms and dialed 911.

He received antibiotic treatment in the hospital and used a ventilator for two weeks. Then, Mackey was moved to the intensive care facility at Stoke Mandeville Hospital. He received treatment for the foot infection and fully recovered.

On November 9, Mackey was informed that he would need to have both legs amputated from the calf down, according to his sister-in-law Lucy Webb.

The 30-year-old Mackey has been moved from the burns ward to the intensive care unit, where he is doing well. In order to ensure that he may live a regular life after being released from the hospital, his family is presently collecting donations.

Ms. Webb went on, “He’s great and very positive. He keeps himself fairly occupied with a teenage daughter and two young boys in elementary school. Right now, he wants to get up and play football with his kids.”

He rides his bike and plays football but accepts what has happened. His family is attempting to gather money through a Go Fund Me effort with a $25,000 goal for prosthetic legs and potential lifestyle adjustments.

They now live in rented housing. Ms. Webb continued, “It’s likely they’ll need to move out since they need to adapt the property.”

The family is organizing a fundraiser to purchase a new vehicle and educate people about sepsis. Anyone can develop sepsis, so getting a quick diagnosis is critical for the best chance of recovery.

The infection is thought to have entered through a tiny cut on his hand, but physicians are unsure of its precise origin. According to James’ partner, he will be in the burns and intensive care unit for at least three more months.

“To raise funds for James’ prosthetic equipment, we need your assistance. We are unsure whether or when he will be able to return to his job, and he is impatient to stand up again.

His biggest objective is to be able to ride his bike and play football with his kids once more. We’re hoping we can accomplish this with your assistance.”

James is a tenacious individual who has demonstrated his strength in the face of difficulty. He knows he will be able to spend some time with us all for Christmas, even though he still has trouble with his hands and the rest of his body.

Sepsis is an infection- or injury-related illness that can be fatal. The immune system strengthens as the body fights against sickness. Sepsis can result in multiple organ failures and possibly death if it is not promptly treated.