For 22 years, this couple lived in a sewer.

On Colombian streets, Maria Garcia and her husband, Miguel Restrepo, first met. Both were drug addicts who were prepared to pass away.

Their lives were shattered. But they overcame their addiction by helping one another.

They have been there for 22 years, seeking safety there through their most difficult period.

Even though it is a sewage hole, for this couple, their house is the nicest place on earth.

The two found safety in a sewer since they lacked money and family members who could help.

The fact that they had each other was more important to them than their flaws, which tortured them throughout their lives.

They were able to recover from their drug addiction and start over at that sewer opening.

They have access to heat, light, power, a tiny kitchen, and even a TV there.

They also have a pet named Blackie who serves as their friend and a house guardian, and they enjoy to decorate their home for the holidays.