Father commits suicide after forgetting his 18-month-old son in the car

Aaron Beck from Virginia was described as a loving father. His 18-month-old son menat the world to him. But one day, a tragedy struck. Something no one who knew Aaron could thought can ever happen.

During a hot day, when the temperatures were pretty high, Aaron somehow forgot his son inside the very hot car. No one knew exactly how much time had passed until Aaron realized his mistake. Unfortunately, it was too late. The damage was done. His sweet son was dead.

Not able to cope with the pain, Aaron took his own life that same day.

When police officers arrived at Aaron’s home, they noticed that the door of his car was wide open and the child’s seat was empty. Inside the house, they found the boy’s lifeless body. The body of Aaron was located in the woods behind the house.

Aaron’s family and friends spoke of him as of “generous, gentle, kind, and soft with his son. He was a draughtsman by trade. His unconditional affection was a tribute to the potential of parenting and the human heart.”

The GoFundMe page set to help the family during those times of grief said: “Tuesday morning, a father and child were suddenly taken from my dear friend in a tragedy. This cannot be thoroughly planned, even while some expenses are covered. To relieve some of her financial strain, this GoFundMe has been established. I sincerely appreciate your support during this unfathomable loss.”

Chesterfield County Officer Chris Hensley offered his condolences and said, “This is a horrific tragedy on so many levels, and our hearts go out to the family and friends who will have to deal with this.”

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