Eric Christian Olsen, ‘NCIS Los Angeles,’ age, family, children, and net worth

When he joined NCIS Los Angeles, Eric Christian Olsen became a celebrity. The 44-year-old actor, who has played Marty Deeks on the series for 12 years, has confessed that it may be challenging to stay out of character when off-camera.

In addition to becoming a celebrity on NCIS Los Angeles, Olsen and his wife, Sarah Wright, have welcomed three children into their family.

Though he might not appear to be the fittest, most trained guy alive, recent photos of him taken while out on a walk reveal a completely different image.

In Eugene, Oregon, on May 31, 1977, Eric Christian Olsen was born. His father, an English professor, used to tell Eric stories at home, which sparked his love in storytelling as a young boy.

Eric was raised in Bettendorf, Iowa, even though he was born in Oregon. He grew up playing sports and was a young player on the community hockey team.

Eric furthermore participated in a number of school plays. Even though he wasn’t much of a problem, according to his mother Jeanne, he was good at getting out of things he didn’t want to do.

“If he didn’t like something, like a class or lessons, he figured out how to get the teacher to say, ‘I think you should pull him out of this’.”

Music was very important to Olsen. He performed on stage in a school musical in the fourth grade. His mother Jeanne never even realized her kid could sing, thus for his parents, it turned out to be a really unexpected experience.

It was obvious that Eric was unique, exactly as his mother had insisted. After graduating from high school, he made the decision to move to Los Angeles in order to pursue another passion.

Interestingly, there was no acting in his dream. Olsen instead entered in 1998 on a 75% scholarship to Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. Naturally, he had to figure out how to pay for the other 25%, which is when the concept of producing advertisements came to him.

Soon after landing smaller commercials, Olsen was cast in some modest television and film roles. These included 22 episodes of Get Real in 1999 and 2000, as well as one episode of ER in 1999. Eric truly hit it big the following year when he featured in the classic movie Pearl Harbor.

At the time, Olsen was 19 years old and had just $300 in his pocket. It’s typical for actors to get residual checks, which are payments made after a movie is sold on DVD or shown on another platform. Of course, Pearl Harbor was a big success, which temporarily made Olsen’s life easier.

Suddenly, Eric felt a little more at ease about contributing to his education. As a result, he fell in love with acting while attending Pepperdine University. His graduation came in 2007. Eric is convinced that a good education is crucial, even for aspiring performers.

In the television series NCIS Los Angeles in 2010, Eric was given the role of Marty Deeks. When the original NCIS series, starring Mark Harmon, had been on television for seven years, the show’s creators felt it was time to expand to other areas.

In nearly an instant, Eric, Chris O’Donnell, Linda Hunt, and LL Cool J all rose to enormous stardom. The actor, who is originally from Oregon, has so far featured in 265 episodes of the popular program.

Olsen attended culinary school while still attending college, as was previously indicated. He was an actor by day and a Le Cordon Bleu aspirant chef by night when NCIS Los Angeles initially aired.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Eric’s net worth as of right now is about $13 million.

One of the most important things for any actor to master is entering character. Because of this, some actors go to extraordinary lengths to help with the process, even “becoming” their characters months before the filming begins.

The hardest part for Eric, who has played a cop on NCIS Los Angeles for many years, was breaking character.

According to Eric, it was almost like he turned into the police officer, and it became clear in one circumstance when his preparation for the program came in handy in real life.

“I’m driving on the 10 freeway. I’m in the far left lane, and this black, windowless van blows by me on the corner in the side lane and hits the Porsche in front of me, knocking off their mirror. I could hear the woman scream from my car,”.

Eric has achieved tremendous success as a result of his appearances on NCIS Los Angeles. It also turns out that his job on the popular program has evolved into something of a family business.

He appears on film as Marty Deeks and is married to Daniela Ruah’s character Kensi Blye. Despite their on-screen relationship, Ruah and David Olsen are actually in-laws because Ruah is David’s wife.

In an on-screen relationship, there will be kissing. Daniela admitted that it can get uncomfortable, as she’s dating his brother in the series.

Olsen and Ruah, who are both professional actors, don’t mind at all having a romantic relationship on screen.

Even though it’s part of their profession, one may imagine that David would feel awkward about his brother kissing his wife. In actuality, though, he’s really sympathetic.

In 2006, he met Sarah Wright, his future wife, while working on the comedy The Loop. Sarah is a skilled actress who has had a number of roles in movies and TV shows throughout the years.

Eric admitted that he first believed she was selected for the role not for her talent but for her “very stunning” looks.

The pair married in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in 2012. They gave birth to their son Wyatt a year later. After that, in 2016, Sarah and Eric had a daughter named Esme.

The couple announced the birth of their third child, a girl named Winter Story, in September 2020.

“One of the benefits of heavy workouts during the pandemic is that you have the strength to huck your children higher into the sky…And that’s really the end goal of conscientious parenting, is it not?” Olsen posted on Instagram, alongside a picture of him and his daughter Esme.

On NCIS Los Angeles, Eric Christian Olsen has won over the audience’s affection. I hope he continues to perform on the series for a very long time. His family is absolutely the finest, and we wish them nothing but the best in the future.

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