‘Batman’ birthmark is finally removed from girl following ground-breaking procedure

Every child is different when they are born, but let’s face it, some newborns are so exceptional that everyone in the delivery room freezes.

People have been attracted by Luna Tavares-looks Fenner’s and “Batman birthmark” since she was born.

There’s a reason why she’s just started to get a lot of attention once more.

After some cutting-edge, high-tech surgery, Luna was able to get rid of her infamous birthmark. Personally, I believe you won’t be able to help but smile when you see this adorable 2-year-old daughter today…

Luna Tavares-Fenne, from Florida, is a typical two-year-old. She is a cheerful young lady who enjoys eating, laughing, and running around.

Unfortunately, Luna was born with congenital melanocytic nevus, a highly uncommon skin disorder that has obviously had an impact on both her and her family.

When Luna’s mother, Carol Fenner, gave birth to her daughter in 2019, she was “shocked.” She was stunned and terrified to see a massive black spot covering her tiny girl’s face. Luna was born with a large black mark that resembled a Batman mask and covered much of her face.

“I’m used to it now, but then I was just shocked.”

It’s simple to comprehend why Carol was so stunned. The parents’ initial joy at having a baby quickly changed into intense worry in a matter of days. She was unaware that her daughter would be born differently because there had been no abnormalities detected in her most recent ultrasound before to delivery.

The black spot wasn’t even identified by medical professionals until four days after Luna’s birth. Fenner said that Luna spent her first six days at the hospital undergoing tests.

Luna’s physicians came to the conclusion that the birthmark might pose a serious risk to Luna in the future after doing extensive investigation. The likelihood of developing skin cancer was high, therefore physicians advised a number of procedures.

Carol genuinely wanted to take her daughter’s “Batman mask” off, but doing so would need at least six surgeries. Another significant issue was that each procedure would cost about $40,000.

Mother of Luna, who was in anguish, started looking around for help. For the family, it was obviously a difficult moment.

“We saw many doctors. In an effort to get a better outcome, we traveled to Boston, Chicago, and New York,” Carol stated.

In order to prevent the potential that her daughter might be bullied, Carol tried to get the surgery completed before Luna began school. Luna and her family had to endure comments from others who, for some reason, could not accept that she looked different even when she was a tiny child.

Many parents in Carol’s circumstances may have stayed quiet and shied away from the spotlight, but the courageous mother chose to tell Luna’s story and raise awareness of her daughter’s illness. She set up an Instagram account so that others may view the family’s daily existence.

As news of Luna’s story spread internationally, doctors all around the world learned about her. One such person was a well-known Russian doctor.

Dr. Pavel Borisovich Popov, a surgeon and oncologist, caught ahold of Luna’s unique circumstance and got in touch with Carol to offer to perform a procedure not given in the US.

However, the so-called photodynamic therapy was expensive, so the family turned to the public for support. A fundraiser organized by Luna’s family raised $70,000 from others who wished to help the young girl.

“Everyone thinks I’m insane for traveling to Russia, but after doing extensive research and consulting with multiple medical professionals, I firmly believe that this is Luna’s best course of action at this time.”

Carol and Luna have been visiting Russia for the past few years to conduct tests and begin her therapy. The family has been able to go to the Krasnodar clinic despite the pandemic. Thankfully, every procedure up to now has been a success.

Dr. Pavel Borisovich Popov is also quite pleased with the outcome and thinks that Luna’s chance of developing cancer has significantly diminished.

Dr. Popov said, “We only needed six surgeries to eliminate the nevus, and we were successful in making it go away.”

“Luna has already begun to speak, and she adds, “My black spot has disappeared. “I am a princess.”

“We are letting Luna rest from the treatment she has undergone and then we will undertake the aesthetic surgeries. Later we aim to make sure Luna will not have any complexes when she comes to the age where she is concerned about her appearance,” the doctor states.

Of course, the fact that things are going well for the family is a relief. Luna has shown to be a strong young girl who has bravely undergone all of her treatments while smiling.

Although Lunas’s two years have been filled with struggle, she always has a smile for everybody she encounters.

It’s clear from recent photos of Luna that the results are spectacular. People can be very cruel, so I’m really grateful she was able to undergo the treatment.

Carol, an American citizen who is originally from Brazil, recently traveled with her family to celebrate Christmas there.

Luna will visit family in Brazil and get well before returning to Russia for more treatments the following year. Nothing except love, health, and happiness are what I want for this little princess!