After hearing his son’s confession, Steve Harvey became emotional.

Steve Harvey is regarded as one of Hollywood’s most powerful figures, but he had to overcome many challenges in order to get there.

Since his family was not wealthy when he was born in West Virginia, Steve didn’t have many wishes as a child. To support himself while working toward his current career, Steve worked as a mailman, carpet cleaner, and boxer.

He gave the majority of the money he made after divorcing his first wife to his children, making it still challenging for him to support himself.

He spent more than three years living on the streets, washing in swimming pools and gas stations, and living in his car. Steve claimed that a week would likely be enough of this way of living, but he had to maintain it for three years.

He does not regret any of these life events, though, because they all helped him get to where he is now. However, he was rewarded by life and given the chance to emcee “Showtime at the Apollo.” From that point forward, his career continued to grow.

Steve has seven kids in total—four from his first two marriages and three from his marriage with Marjorie Bridges.

He adopted Marjorie’s children, although he was unaware of the significance of this for the kids. Steve treats each of his seven children the same and loves them all equally.

On a particular episode, the seven kids appeared as a surprise to celebrate Steve’s birthday and shared their best memories of their dad. He broke down in tears after hearing Jason, his stepson, speak.

Jason stated he wants Steve to know how much he appreciates all he has given him, especially his time, and how much he loves him.

Like the rest of the crowd, Steve was overwhelmed with emotion at hearing these things.

The presentation also included Steve’s wife, who praised him for all the love he had shown to her and their kids.

Trying to find his words after his family had finished speaking, Steve expressed his excitement while stating that his family is everything to him and that he is really proud of each member.

Steve stated that he worked four full-time jobs to support his children and did not regret it, but he wanted his children to know that there was someone in their lives who loved them more than himself.