Actress Who Played Rizzo In Grease, Comes Out Of Hiding After 20 Years; Looks Unrecognizable

When Grease was released way back in 1978 it instantly became a fan favourite worldwide, and to this very day is still watched by young and old throughout the world. The amazing sound track and dancing have made the movie a true classic and will remain so for many years to come. Featuring renowned actors such as John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John, the movie quickly rose to fame making some new rising stars in the process. For fans who know Grease all too well, you may remember Stockard Channing who played the role of the rebel Rizzo in the film. Stockard remains a very popular name because of her role.

Channing was 34 -years-old when she played the role of a high school student, her looks have changed very much over the years. In a rare TV appearance, Stockard Channing was interviewed on the ITV show called Lorraine Today.

It is hard to imagine that Channing is now 73 years of age. She appeared on Lorraine Kelly’s daytime talk show to promote her new West End show “Apologia.”

Many fans who watched the show were shocked at how different Channing looked. Her teen looks have drastically changed since her role in Grease back in the 1970’s.

Although life-long fans of Channing still express their love for the actress, they were struck by how different she looked.

During her interview, Channing told Lorraine that she found it “daunting” that many people still had an obsession with Grease all these years after it was first released. With the film’s 40-year birthday soon approaching, it is sure to be a huge year for the stars of the musical classic.

When asked about the movie’s popularity, Channing said,

“I don’t really want to believe it! I don’t want to think about that number! I am the world’s oldest living teenager! It is a little daunting, coming out of the theatre with people shoving photos in your face.”

Many fans who tuned in to watch the show were more concerned with Channings looks and apparent plastic surgery. They could not believe their eyes how different she looked, much different than they would have expected her to look.

One cried on social media: “What the hell had Rizzo done to her face?!?! (sic).”

“Good grief, Stockard Channing looks unrecognisable on #Lorraine. Such a shame that people feel they can’t simply age gracefully.”

“Oh dear. Stockard Channing is looking a tad scary on @ITVLorraine.”

“What the heck has Stockard Channing done to her face? She can barely talk.”

More people joined the comments on Mirror’s website.

“It is such a shame that ( mainly) women feel they have to keep having various procedures to keep looking youth full. I bet she would have aged splendidly without all the fillers and pulling around she is an attractive woman.”

“I see women in their seventies and eighties and they look lovely with wrinkles and their skin look nourished I don’t know why these celebrities bother why don’t they just except getting older.”

“Is it any wonder that people with more money than sense try to retain a look they had 40 years ago and fail. Leading to them actually looking rather frightening. There is no shame looking 73 and if more actors and actresses stood up to those that demand they don’t look their age then maybe things would change for the better.”

What is your view on Rizzo’s new look? Are they natural or did she have procedures?

Watch the video below and give us your thoughts!

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