A miracle took place with this baby.

Paisley Hatfield was born with a swollen brain due to her unique illness. Her parents were told that she wouldn’t live more than a few hours. But then something extraordinary occurred. God cured her, and she is now well and happy. The miracle bestowed onto her family has made her parents very happy.

Paisley’s parents observed a slight droop on the left side of her face at birth. They decided to have her examined at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, so they transported her there.

The hospital’s medical staff diagnosed her with hemiplegia, a cerebral palsy. This disorder impacts one side of the body’s mobility. Physical therapy will be necessary for Paisley to help her move more freely.

Carissa and her husband were devastated to learn that their kid had a tumor after their pediatrician encouraged them to undergo a scan. They scheduled a test and remained faithful despite the circumstances.

Carissa started praying as soon as she heard of Paisley’s condition, and she asked for the assistance of her loved ones. She asked for prayers from her friends and relatives as well. Amazingly, the surgeon announced a success to Carissa once the procedure was over.

She walked into the room, sat down, and began to tremble. The man assured her that her prayers must have been heard because there was no tumor present when he went to remove it.

According to a statement issued by the hospital, “A malignant tumor was what the doctors had anticipated would happen. However, when the surgeons reached the area where the presumed tumor was seen on the scan, they discovered nothing.”

Paisley is living proof that miracles do and can happen. Continue to pray and hold onto your faith; miracles are yet possible.

The Hatfields thought their daughter was saved by her friend’s and relatives’ prayers because prayer is considered a powerful force.

Carissa claimed that while waiting in the lobby, a man entered and sat next to her. She was told that her prayers must have been heard as he shook his head. There was nothing there when she went in for the procedure.

The pediatric doctors at Children’s Institution had mentally prepared themselves for the worst, which was a malignant tumor, according to a statement the hospital made on Wednesday.

The surgeons found nothing when they got to the area where the suspected tumor was shown in the image. They couldn’t contain their joy as they shared the fantastic news with the Hatfield family.

Officials from the hospital said that after closer inspection of an MRI scan, the region initially believed to be a tumor was simply an accumulation of fluid.

It’s possible that the scans revealed an issue that was later healed, but the girl’s father, Matt, says, “a man of God like I am, just waiting for some explanation, but it’s a true miracle, it’s a true healing.”