A man was walking home from work when he noticed a little animal on the sidewalk!

A little animal was on the street while a Thai guy was coming from work. She recognized that it was a cat that had not been mute since she was born when she got close to him. The man decided to take the cat home to care for him after seeing how defenseless and alone he was.

The animal would not have been able to live on the streets by itself.

After bringing the kitten home, the man gave him milk from a bottle and gave him excellent care. The animal had made himself at home with the new owner and was happy there.

The kitten grew during the course of time. The guy started to understand that the creature he had raised did not resemble a cat. As it developed, it became increasingly clear that it was an entirely other species of mammal.

After consulting a veterinarian, the guy learned that the creature was actually a fishing cat.

The fishing cat has smooth, gray-gray fur that is regularly spaced across its body. Its back is brown and covered in tiny, evenly spaced, longitudinal rows of black or dark brown markings that are of varying sizes.

An adult specimen has a tail length of 25–33 cm, a body length of 75–86 cm, and a weight range of 8–14 kg.

Legs are lengthy and taper to somewhat webbed toes, with sharp claws that are only partially retractable.

The term “fisherman cat” describes a person who enjoys hunting fish, snakes, frogs, crabs, crustaceans, crayfish, snails, and water insects in semi-aquatic environments. It is also rumored to kill lambs, calves, mice, birds, and reptiles.