3 men approach a 77-year-old grandmother at the ATM: they immediately realize that they have chosen the wrong person to rob

It is fair to say that most people enjoy a very special relationship with their grandparents.

They are kind, caring and usually a little less strict when it comes to rules, compared to parents.

Although they are so gentle and like to do all the desires of their grandchildren, it is still something that everyone learns from an early age about grandparents.

Don’t try to mess with them. You know how it will end.

This is certainly the case with Grandma Winifred Peel, 77, from Wirral, UK. Read the whole story below…

One day, Mrs. Winifred Pell of Bromborough, Wirral, went to an ATM to withdraw a sum of money.

As she stood in front of the ATM trying to insert the card pin, she noticed that someone approached from behind her. Before she could react, two men immobilized her. Then another third appeared.

In front of the ATM, one of the thieves pressed the button to withdraw 200 pounds, and then the woman realized that she was robbed.

She acted quickly

The men were obviously thieves, and if Grandma Winifred didn’t act fast, they were going to empty her account.

But when one of the men tried to withdraw the money, the woman put a plan into action.

He managed to grab one of the thieves by the collar and hit him with the ATM head three times, before the men had to flee the scene, running like dogs with their tails between their legs.

Winifred called the police, and the attackers were arrested later that day.

One of the reasons why the police managed to identify the men is that one of them was injured in the head as a result of the defensive action of Grandma Winifred.

They were identified as Piper Dumitru (18 years old), Florin Geblescu (18 years old), and Felix Stoica (19 years old). All three pleaded guilty in court and went to jail.

According to William Beardmore, the case prosecutor, the robbers drove to the town in search of “easy targets”.

“They didn’t care how that affected me,” Winifred told Britain’s Metro. “I can say with certainty that this event changed my life, I will never have the confidence I once had.”

Due to the fact that she grew up with her three brothers and did a lot of sports throughout her life, Mrs. Winifred showed a tenacity that the robbers did not expect.

Congratulations Grandma Winifred! We hope he taught these thieves a lesson they will never forget.

Of course, you should never try to steal, but three men attacking a 77-year-old grandmother is simply beyond shame.

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