23 Cool And Interesting Guides That Teach You More In Images Than Any Parenting Book Can

Parenting is like a constant journey of learning. No matter how many books you read or videos you watch, when it comes to raising kids, sometimes a visual guide can be more helpful than words.

The r/coolguides subreddit is a treasure trove of these helpful resources that offer unique and interesting ways to navigate the challenges of parenting.

Here are 23 awesome guides that might just make your parenting journey a little smoother:

Genetics For Dummies

Ever wondered about the basics of genetics? This guide simplifies it all for you.

The Plural Of Fish

This is an interesting guide that sheds light on the plural form of “fish.”

Er Nurse Here! Here’s A Simple Guide On CPR techniques for Infants, Children, And Adults

An essential guide that demonstrates CPR techniques for different age groups.

What To Do If A Child Discloses Sexual Abuse

A crucial guide for handling a sensitive and challenging situation.

The Cousin Explainer

Understanding family relations is made easy with this guide.

How An Infant Views The World

Have you ever wondered how infants perceive the world? This guide offers insight.

Simple Reminder When Walking Pets Or Barefoot Kids

A handy guide for avoiding burns when walking pets or kids in hot weather.

How To Recognize Various Bug Bites

Learn to identify different bug bites and know what to watch out for.

Modeling Disagreement For Children

Teaching kids healthy ways to disagree through a visually engaging guide.

My Body Safety Rules: How To Talk To Your Kids About Safe Touching

An essential guide for discussing safe touching with children.

Speaking To Children, And Honestly Adults

Valuable advice on how to phrase instructions positively for better understanding by kids.

What To Say To Kids Instead Of “Be Careful!”

Tips on how to encourage children without resorting to caution.

This Is What 10cm Dilated Actually Looks Like

For expectant parents, this visual guide might provide a clear idea of what to expect during childbirth.

Raise A Body-Positive Kid

Encouraging body positivity in children through simple steps.

15 Life Skills For Kids Before Leaving Home

A list of crucial life skills that kids should learn before they leave home.

Baby Feeding Cues

Learn to recognize cues when your baby is hungry.

A Cool Guide On Common Type Of Bites Problems In Children

An informative guide on common types of bites that children might encounter.

Just A Reminder Of This Cool Trick

A guide that might come in handy in various situations.

Abusive Behaviours Of Narcissistic Parents

Recognizing signs of abusive behaviors in narcissistic parents.

Teaching Kids About Money

Tips and tricks for teaching kids about financial literacy.

Tips To Build Emotional Resilience In Kids

Techniques to help kids develop emotional resilience.

Why Children Need To Read Every Night

This guide emphasizes the importance of nightly reading for kids.

9 Things To Say To Your Anxious Child

Helpful phrases to support an anxious child positively.

Each of these guides offers a unique perspective on parenting challenges and solutions. They serve as handy references, providing a visual aid to tackle everyday parenting situations. Whether you’re a new parent or have years of experience, there’s always something new to learn and explore in the world of parenting!