10+ Reasons Why Women Always Feel So Bloated & How To Reduce.

Every woman would love to have a flat stomach for a night out or special occasion.

However after a few nibbles and drinks, zipping your pants up becomes a real struggle. 

Abdominal bloating can not only look and feel bad but also cause physical discomfort.

We have found 8 reasons that cause your bloating and ways to avoid it.

1- You are eating too fast!

Slow down because this is the number one major cause of temporary bloating.

2- Bread is not your friend.

Bread causes you to bloat! Why not try gluten free options instead.

3- Drinking through a straw.

This forces you to suck in lots of extra air which makes you feel like an inflatable ball. Sip your drinks from the rim of the glass when possible.

4- Packaged foods

These will make your stomach bloat excessively due to the excessive amounts of sodium.

5- Avoid artificial sugars….

Such as aspartame and sucralose have been added to everything from diet beverages to gum and candy.

6- Fizzy soda drinks

Contain way too much sugar which will have an effect of long term bloating!

7- Eating heavy meals late at night.

If you eat too close to bed time, the food will sit in your digestive tract all night. You will wake up with a foggy head and heavy body.

8- Food allergies!

Many people don’y realise they may be allergic to certain foods! Get an allergy test.

9- Big Fan Of Beans.

Unfortunately the carbohydrates in beans tend to be indigestible, which gives them their gassy, belly-bloating reputation.

10- Chewing Gum

Gum causes you to inadvertently gulp lots of excess air which can lead to belching and bloat. 

11- Too Many Carbs

Carbs can cause your stomach to puff up and produces gas which leads to bloating. If you have a gluten sensitivity, eating carbs that contain gluten like bread or crackers can result in bloating.

12- Overeating

Overeating can make you feel bloated because it’s just a lot of food for your gut bacteria to work through. Try eating on a smaller plate to reduce your portion size.

13- Consitpation.

Being constipated gives you side effects like pain and bloating. You really need to increase your fibre intake with foods such as fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes on a daily basis may help alleviate constipation. Exercise and drinking plenty of fluids can also help.

14- Fructose.

Fructose is a type of sugar which can make you bloat, it attracts water in the gut which lead to feelings of fullness and bloating. 

15- FODMAP Diet.

FODMAP are types of carbohydrate not easily digested which can lead to stomach pain and bloating. The biggest culprits include apples, legumes, milk and dairy products, mushrooms, honey, and even garlic.